I look in a mirror
See a face – not mine
The reflection keeps ignoring me
Capturing Criticism – I Cry
Self esteem – not my friend
Respect – left me too
Identity – ran away
Conformity is now my truth
I stare in the mirror
Me? Oh, I’m seeking to please
Everyone – except my father!
Its their praise – I think I need
Tell me -I’m beautiful
Tell me – I can win
Success – let’s get together
Idolatry – he can’t be sin
So- you think you’re flawed
Turn around – Look again
That reflection is the image of God
Seek my face – You’ll find yours
Your life – I’ll turn it around
Allow me to be your overseer
In your life- affection will abound

When you walk away – I’m still with you
So hold your head up high
Remember – I will always love you
You are the apple of my eye

©Queen Mowaninuolaoluwa

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