Where you belong -Part 1

(The Queen of African Whizkids enters a


Wheew! Ah ah! I smell dissapointment!
The stench so deep, it pollutes the whole environment!
But Why? Kilode? Yes? I am listening!
Belonging? Oh! Oh! i get now!
You feel you are where you dont belong? lolzz
I understand that feeling of yours.
.Your intelligence qualifies at an international level but where you are is making you a local champion. hmmmm! Oh God!
Wait a min, the fact that you live in a local environment shouldnt make you a local champion…. Come of it my dear! Take your mindset far away from locality and place it to a Winfrey level..
You belong where you believe you belong..Belonging is a mindset
You see my dear, sometimes the place you are used to isnt where you belong, same way the place you are dreaming of may not be where you belong…
But do you know that where you come from isnt where you belong?
Belongjng has to do with YOU..YOUR MINDSET…
And so? that you live in a face – me- i – slap – you cockroach and spider friendly environment doesnt mean that you should think like a cockroach…. Abeg!
But sometimes,we are where we dont belong not because we are docile or lazy but sometimes cause of certain circumstances..For example, your parents, relatives, education and other factors…
Before getting to a matured stage, you may have to live with your parents in that face-me-i-face-you apartment for a long period of time…Education nko? Lemme not talk tpo much, i am getting emotional….

But dont accept! Your background should not place your back on the ground..
Its time to be the CEO your parent always admired on TV.
When God prepares to do something wonderful, he begins with a difficulty…

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cheers! (she walks out majestically admist shouts of joy and jubilation)

To be continued……..